Mix up your fitness routine by blasting away enemies with every sprint! Run Legends is an interactive fitness game designed to fit into your workout plan and schedule. In less than 15 minutes per mission, you can conquer the VOID with the power of intervals, at YOUR own pace. You'll work up a sweat, and the Sappers won't know what hit them.

Run Legends is the first-ever cooperative fitness game that you can play synchronously with your friends, no matter where they are in the world. Your movement controls your character: head outside and unleash skills in battle by moving faster and slower.


  • Walk or run in the real world to play! Set your own pace and tailor the gameplay to your fitness level.
  • Match with real players around the world to participate in short 5-15 minute PvE cooperative missions!
  • Step up your cardio with gameplay mechanics inspired by high-intensity interval training.
  • Level up to unlock rewards and new missions.
  • See how you stack up against other players in leaderboards and Events!
  • Upgrade and craft new varieties of Gear - each piece of Gear is tailored to a different style of movement!
  • A virtual announcer called the Operator will call out your team’s actions and accomplishments through an immersive Spatial Audio system that reacts to your gameplay.

    “Run Legends Is A New, Fun Way To Work Up A Sweat” - HipHopWired

    “A fitness app with fun tied into it.” - GStyle Magazine

    “If you have a hard time finding the motivation to exercise, you’ll want to check out Run Legends” - Digital Trends


    Our award-winning VC-backed team won the grand prize for the Niantic Beyond Reality Contest in 2019 and has gotten extensive press coverage in 2023 by PCMag, Shack News, ScreenRant, and more. We’re developing a first-of-its-kind social fitness game and we are thrilled to be working together, not only on an exciting gaming experience but one that could help promote a healthier way of life. Together, we’ve created independent games for the last 10 years with over 9.1 million downloads on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. Watch us talk about how we got started.


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    Awards & Recognition

    • "Grand Prize Winner of Niantic Beyond Reality Contest" Our team won the grand prize and won $300,000 as well as mentorship from Niantic's development team through early development. Watch Video
    • Players in Run Legends workout 5.7 times a week, which is 40% more than Peloton! Workouts in Run Legends consist of running and/or walking.
    • Run Legends was featured on Apple and Google's App Stores in June 2023. It was featured as one of the "Best New Games" in Health and Fitness as well as Gaming categories. We were on the front page of the App Store!

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    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Jenny Xu
    CEO and Game Designer
    Andy Frank
    Lead Game Designer and Audio Director
    Michael Tiller
    Senior Unity Engineer
    Clayton Hunsinger
    Lead Server Engineer
    Kalib Crone
    QA Engineer
    Robert Hornbek
    Steve Leavengood
    Senior Unity Engineer
    Angus Freeman
    Fullstack Engineer
    Emma Zhang
    Community Manager
    Amy Noel Green
    Narrative Director
    Melina Rudianto
    Senior Artist
    Melissa Chen
    UI/UX Designer
    Spencer Williams
    Customer Support
    Elli McGuire
    Player Experience
    Sam Narkawicz
    Amanda Harper
    Parker Hamilton
    QA Engineering
    Tom Beeman
    Game Design
    Stephanie Chow
    Devin Becker
    Alex Walker Smith
    Additional Music
    Daniel Messersmith
    Additional Music
    Wendy Wygant
    Voice Actor (Teammate01, Patty, Olivia)
    Xaq Bryte
    Voice Actor (Teammate02)
    Kevin Andrew Rivera
    Voice Actor (Courier, Runnegade Agent)
    Mike Frank
    Voice Actor (Slug, Shield Slug)


    Talofa Team

    Special Thanks

    Mike Williams
    Rachel Wong
    John Mannes
    Aaron San Filipino
    Ichiro Lambe
    Emil Salim
    Sunni Pavlovic
    Kelly Wallick
    May Ling Tan
    Avi Romanoff
    Miko Charbonneau
    Mike Nappa
    Tony Nappa
    Lauren Restivo

    Trusted Testers

    Alexander Tarasevich
    Jay Dee
    Vladyslav Mastierov
    Dmitry zork23 Strikanov
    Aleksandr Lesnichenko
    Dmitriy Magay
    Kutepova Maria
    Abu Ahmad

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